MS Silverlight versus Adobe Flash announced the approach to the graphical user interface design candidate for web applications. Silverlight is used to buld the site

How to Create a Discount

To create a discount

In Visual Studio, create a new Commerce Server Web application.Add the Microsoft.CommerceServer.CrossTierTypes and Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing.CrossTierTypes references to the application.Add a using directive for the Microsoft.CommerceServer and Microsoft.CommerceServer.Marketing namespaces.Define the Marketing Web Service URL.Create the MarketingContext object.For more information, see How to Connect to the Marketing System. In this example, the MarketingContext is […]

Model-View-Controller Architectural Pattern

User Interface Process Application Block for .NET*

Summary: *The User Interface Process Application Block provides a simple yet extensible framework for developing user interface processes. It is designed to abstract the control flow and state management out of the user interface layer into a user interface process layer. This enables you to write generic […]

Encrypt / Decrypt using C#

A very cool article from Syed Moshiur Murshed. In this article you may find useful encrypt decrypt functions which utilized .NET Framework’s System.Security.Cryptography namespace.Read it from CodeProject