Info about CS pipeline logs

Quoted from:

“I had problems with this and tried to find something to assist. In the end I just opened the log in notepad/wordpad.

This is a snippet from a cuistom component I wrote and inserted:

1. PIPELINE:++ component[0x4] about to be called ProgID: Commerce.ShippingDis
2. RootObject: ReadValue Items VT_DISPATCH PV=[0x4dd8220] VT_EMPTY __empty__
3. RootObject: ReadValue _cy_shipping_total VT_CY 4.95 VT_EMPTY __empty__
4. : ReadValue _orderlevel_discounts_applied VT_DISPATCH PV=[0x4d89dc0] VT_EMPTY __empty__
5. : ReadValue _cy_orderlevel_discounts_subtotal VT_CY 0 VT_EMPTY __empty__

I’ve highlighted key values/amounts and the name of the method.

Basically line1 identifies the pipeline component that is called.
line2 is reading through the root ‘Items’ collection
line3 is reading a value for _cy_shipping_total as 4.95 which is of type currency (VT_CY) etc etc

Hope thats a start 🙂