failed to rebuild virtual catalog

Hello to all Commerce Server developers and users,

I have solved my “failed to rebuild virtual catalog” problem. When i have inspected the EventLog>Application or StarterSite_productcatalog.dbo.CatalogStatus table i saw nothing then the error “Failed to rebuild virtual catalog.” message.

I have opened and read the error log file of the sql server from the following path:
I realized that there were a restriction to the database’s data file size, when i noticed the following error in the log:

2008-08-15 17:06:05.32 spid218 Could not allocate a new page for database ‘StarterSiteSecond_productcatalog’ because of insufficient disk space in filegroup ‘PRIMARY’. Create the necessary space by dropping objects in the filegroup, adding additional files to the filegroup, or setting autogrowth on for existing files in the filegroup.

I have opened the Microsoft Sql Server Management Studio, right clicked on the db, opened the Files section, in the autogrowth column i have clicked the “…” captioned button and adjusted the autogrow settings to:
Grow by %10 percentUnrestricted file growththen clicked OK, and my problem was solved.

By the way, if someone else will implement this solution be aware of your disk space, if free space vanishes then your database server will not function correctly. That’s why please do not forget to setup “Maintenance Plans” taht will shrink the data files and also transaction log files periodically.