Building a DAL using Strongly Typed TableAdapters and DataTables in VS 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0

Nice article on strongly typed datasets & Data Access Layers

Use log parsing rather then odbc logging in IIS

IIS MVP says “I’d look at other ways including using log parser to import files on a periodic basis to sql server. “

SQL Server 2005: CLR Integration ..::.. Working with Regular Expressions

Multi Threading in C#

Threading in C#, by Joseph Albahari

Introduction to Multithreading in C#


The Santa Claus Problem – Thread Synchronization


thread safety

“A class is generally considered thread-safe if its methods can be invoked by multiple threads concurrently without corrupting the state of the class or causing unexpected side-effects. There are many […]

Parallel processing with C#

Asynchronous Versus Parallel Programming


Tools And Techniques To Identify Concurrency Issues

Concurrency on MSDN

Parallel Programming in the .NET Framework books: ConcurrentProgramming on Windows, by Joe Duffy, Addison-Wesley Win32 Multithreaded Programming, by A. Chohen and M. Woodring



Asynchronous & Parallel programming are tricky to understand for new […]

Creating Auto cache Refresh in ASP.NET

ASP.NET cache CacheItemRemovedCallback delegate may be used

quote from:” The call back function which call every time cache item expired can be used to create a mechanism that will update the cache item data every time interval. Using such mechanism we can cache data that changed in fixed time intervals. To update the cache […]