A Collection of Well-Known Software Failures

A Collection of Well-Known Software Failures http://www.cse.lehigh.edu/~gtan/bug/softwarebug.html

Ariane 5 Explosion

Software testing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_testing


Mariner 1 “Mariner 1 was launched by an Atlas-Agena rocket. What NASA’s website describes as “improper operation of the Atlas airborne beacon equipment” caused the booster to lose contact with one of the guidance systems on the ground, setting the stage […]

sp calling sp

How to Share Data Between Stored Procedures

ASP.NET engine automatically finds your CSS!!!

This is sometimes harmful if your are rewriting urls…


The Problems with Themes, Skins, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) – Where it all Falls Apart

Heap vs Stack

Nice articles on Stack & Heap=> C# Heap(ing) Vs Stack(ing) in .NET: Part I By Matthew Cochran January 14, 2006 => Stack vs. Heap=> what is heap?

Build Server feature of TFS

Team Foundation Server“Team Build is a build server included with Team Foundation Server that can be installed on almost any machine that can support Visual Studio. Machines configured with Team Build can be used by developers to do a complete build of the most recent versions of the software contained in source control. Records of […]

Changing Table Schema

SELECT ‘ALTER SCHEMA zam TRANSFER ‘ + SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) + ‘.’ + name FROM sys.tables WHERE schema_id = SCHEMA_ID(‘dbo’) AND [name] not like N’%_InventorySkus’AND [name] not like N’%_CatalogProducts’AND [name] not like N’%_CatalogDeletedProducts’AND [name] not like N’%_CatalogRelationships’AND [name] not like N’%_CatalogHierarchy’AND [name] not like N’%_Catalog’AND [name] not like N’%_CatalogDependentCatalogs’

Also check out following link ..::.. Changing Basket […]



SecureString – System.Security.SecureString Class – Encrypting Strings in Memory in .NET 2.0 Frameworkhttp://davidhayden.com/blog/dave/archive/2006/03/04/2873.aspx

What ASP.NET Programmers Should Know About Application Domains and Application Pools

What ASP.NET Programmers Should Know About Application Domainshttp://www.odetocode.com/articles/305.aspx

Application vs. AppDomainhttp://weblogs.asp.net/owscott/archive/2007/09/02/application-vs-appdomain.aspx

What is the diff. b/w Application Domain & Application Pool in .NET?http://in.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20071223011529AARcKYI

Thoughts on ApplicationPool recycling and application availabilityhttp://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/archive/2006/01/26/Thoughts-on-Application-Pool-Recycling-and-Application-Availability.aspx

HOWTO: Basics of II6 troubleshootinghttp://blogs.msdn.com/david.wang/archive/2005/12/31/HOWTO_Basics_of_IIS6_Troubleshooting.aspx

Troubleshooting processhttp://weblogs.asp.net/steveschofield/archive/2006/07/08/Troubleshooting-process.aspx#comments

Rico Mariani’s Performance Tidbits – When to call GC.Collect()http://blogs.msdn.com/ricom/archive/2004/11/29/271829.aspx


ASP.NET AJAX Extension for .NET Framework 3.5 may be used with VS.NET 2005 Projects

Quote from Using .NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2005:

The problem is that by tying the release of .NET 3.5 to Visual Studio 2008, the impression is given that, unless you are ready to upgrade to the new version of the IDE, there is no point thinking about upgrading to the new version of the […]

Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site

Adding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part (IV)http://blogs.msdn.com/maxakbar/archive/2006/11/28/adding-image-management-to-your-commerce-site-part-iv.aspxAdding Image Management to your Commerce Site Part (V)http://blogs.msdn.com/maxakbar/archive/2006/12/16/adding-image-management-to-your-commerce-site-part-v.aspx