Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Catalog Manager Web Version Project Created

MS CS 2007 Catalog Manager Web Version project has been created by Ziver Alen, now you may download the working but not fully tested Alpha release of this web based catalog manager tool.

Fixing Windows using a Live Linux CD

Fixing Windows using a Live Linux CD Trinity Rescue Kit


other tips about linux processes


Who “Killed” my process and why? “dmesg | egrep -i -B100 ‘killed process’” Taming the OOM killer

Will Linux start killing my processes without asking me if memory gets short?



MyArticle: Combining Commerce Server 2007 Catalog Tables in a View

This article of mine, describes how to union multiple catalog tables in a single view. This approach may be used for reporting purposes, thus developer will not require to find out which table contains the product, but will execute a select stmt for a view and will get the information required.Combining Commerce Server Tables as […]

ASP.NET MVC Book Published!

Installing Commerce Server 2009

Step by step instructions on Installing Commerce Server 2009, a gate to Software-Smith’s Blog

How to Install Commerce Server 2007/2009 on the Web Servers

How to Install Commerce Server 2007/2009 on the Web Servers

Does your ASP.NET Application performs slow, or uses high memory / cpu?

Then check the maxWorkerThreads & minFreeThreads settings for your .NET Framework config.

Improving ASP.NET Performance

Why ‘maxWorkerThreads’ = 100 and ‘minFreeThreads’ = 88 is suggested?

Planning, testing and tuning for ASP.NET and IIS 6.0

Tune the thread pool by using the formula to reduce contention

Reduce Server Too Busy errors with the httpRuntime tag

Set […]

LINQ to Oracle support

bLinq is the “linq to SQL” for other databases. It currently supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQLite > Linq to Oracle support is available by a third party product: Mindscape’s LightSpeed



Migrate from MySQL to PostgreSQL. In one command.



Links about ADO.NET Data Services

ADO.NET Entity Framework

ADO.NET Data Services Framework (formerly “Project Astoria”)

ADO.NET Data Services Team Blog

ADO.NET team blog

What would you prefer, TestDD or BugDD ?

The Cost of Test Driven Development

Bug Driven Development


… Put simply there is a difference between Mock and Stub objects and RhinoMocks recognizes that allowing us to write tests that better state their purpose.

Mock objects are used to define expectations i.e: In this scenario I expect method A() to be […]

Sql Server 2005 Installation Issues…

If installation of Sql Server 2005 fails on XP because of MSXML6Then check the following thread

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

When you try to install SQL Server 2005 you may get the following error message during setup: “Shared Memory Provider: No process is on the other end of the pipe”

…finaly found the problem to […]