Sql Server 2005 Installation Issues…

If installation of Sql Server 2005 fails on XP because of MSXML6
Then check the following thread

Windows Installer CleanUp Utility

When you try to install SQL Server 2005 you may get the following error message during setup: “Shared Memory Provider: No process is on the other end of the pipe”

…finaly found the problem to be the certificate used.
I noticed that a certificate was added to the machinekeys just recently.
(in C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication

I renamed it to another name and re-installed sql server.
I noticed that sql server ERRORLOG complained about certificate that it
couldn’t load and the generation of a self-generaed certificate (see below)

“2005-12-10 21:01:02.30 Server The server could not load the
certificate it needs to initiate an SSL connection. It returned the following
error: 0x8009030d. Check certificates to make sure they are valid.
2005-12-10 21:01:02.49 Server A self-generated certificate was
successfully loaded for encryption.”

Now the installation succeeded