Does your ASP.NET Application performs slow, or uses high memory / cpu?

Then check the maxWorkerThreads & minFreeThreads settings for your .NET Framework config.

Improving ASP.NET Performance

Why ‘maxWorkerThreads’ = 100 and ‘minFreeThreads’ = 88 is suggested?

Planning, testing and tuning for ASP.NET and IIS 6.0

Tune the thread pool by using the formula to reduce contention

Reduce Server Too Busy errors with the httpRuntime tag

Set maxWorkerThreads to 100. This setting controls the maximum number of worker threads in the thread pool. This number is then automatically multiplied by the number of available CPUs. Set maxWorkerThreads to 100.

Set minFreeThreads to 88 * # of CPUs. This setting is used by the worker process to queue all the incoming requests if the number of available threads in the thread pool falls below the value for this setting. This setting effectively limits the number of requests that can run concurrently to maxWorkerThreads – minFreeThreads. Set minFreeThreads to 88 * # of CPUs. This limits the number of concurrent requests to 12 (assuming maxWorkerThreads is 100).