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Fox Chicken Grain Puzzle Missionaries and Cannibals Problem Generating the Missionaries and Cannibals Graph Instructions

Rule Engines

Why use a Rule Engine?Short answers are as follows:* The logic changes often* The problem is just too fiddly for traditional code.* The problem is beyond any obvious algorithm based solution.* Domain experts (or business analysts) are readily available, but are nontechnical.http://www.jbug.jp/trans/jboss-rules3.0.2/ja/html/ch01s02.html

Top 10http://www.businessreviewonline.com/os/archives/2008/07/10_best_open_so.html

open source rule engine in javahttp://java-source.net/open-source/rule-engines

open source rule engine in […]

“The breakpoint will not currently be hit. No symbols have been loaded for this document.” by Doug Butscher

Probably a DLL in your GAC does not have the same symbols which are in your dev bin folder. Overwrite the DLL with your development one and most probably the error will be gone.

Also be aware that in Sharepoint solutions GAC DLLs can be locked by VS.NET, please check the following link:


“While […]

CS 2009 installation steps

How to install and configure a SharePoint / Commerce Server 2009 development environment