Windows Mobile reloaded!

Windows Mobile 7 User Experience demo is nice to see
A few mumblings about the future of WM7 and XNA integration…
=> Why not integrating Mobile Gaming experience with Commerce? Users like to play games on the train / underground, if they score high and get one of the highest scores, you may issue her a coupon code, in order to reward her with a discount. Thus two platforms, gaming and commerce, get in touch together.
=> Thus you PLAY something that affects your COMMERCE experience.
Also other way integration is possible. I have seen so many news that states one of the most popular games namely World of Warcraft, is a market for characters and/or weapons, shields, .. etc. People sell these items in the game’s market.
=> Thus you BUY something that affects your GAME experience.
That is a fascinating idea, hope to see these kind of applications on Windows Mobile 7 soon.