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Post1: Displaying advertisement depending on basket content


1. User has 1 of product 12345 in their basket2. They navigate to the cart page3. See advertisement which says to “buy 1 more to get free shipping” or “buy 1 more to get 10% off” (just examples). There would be discounts defined for […]

Various links about Commerce Server 2009

Commerce Server 2009 ASP.NET Sample Site Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Multi-Channel Foundation Samples Using Store Locator Webpart – MS CS 2009 Webcast, by Tom Shlutz Creating a Custom Store Locator in Commerce Server 2009 Commerce Server 2009 and SharePoint (SharePoint E-Commerce) How to Create a Profile Definition – For CS2009 […]

Howto Create Custom Payment Method in Commerce Server

Creating a Custom Payment Method For CS 2007 good post about extending order system entities such as OrderForm, .. etc of CS 2007 is at:

How to extend Commerce Server Payment Methods and Shipment Methods for CS 2007 ——————————————————————————-

createing a custom payment method, explained with screenshots, by technicalmultiverse

Custom Payments in Commerce […]