Profiling Sharepoint Apps

profiling moss apps

Using full trust in

E-Commerce As A Service

Zuora and the Subscription Economy, By Paul Greenberg About Zuora `The Z-Commerce Platform is a turnkey commerce-as-a-service solution that makes it easy to plug billing, payment, and subscription management services into your application with just a few lines of code. The Z-Commerce Platform gives developers the full power of Zuora’s award winning Z-Billing, Z-Payments, […]

Commerce Server 2009 Articles

Working With the Search Results Web Part MSDN Article Using an alternate search platform in Commerce Server 2009, by Lewis BENGE Commerce Server 2009 Contemporary Site – How to add a new Credit Card, by Winson WOO

reverse engineering with reflector on x64

Did you know that there is an add in, called deblector, for reflector to do debugging?

Reflector + Deblector + x64 = 0x80131C30

.NET Reflector Add-InsDebugging .NET IL at Runtime using Reflector / Deblector Howto use deblector -Forum Thread

Application Pool settings, Sharepoint, IIS

Sharepoint 2007 Application pool settings recommendations

About w3wp Memory Usage and Any Benefits to Stripping Application Extensions in IIS6?

hyperlink field inside another hyperlink field, does not render at all!

/ hyperlinkControl_A CustomControl_A where CustomControl_A has hyperlinkControl_B and has CustomControl_B in it, then the control is not loaded!!! > Maybe in future there will be development environments which check the browser’s rendering of the code that you have written. If browser will not render your code or the ASP.NET engine will not execute your code […]

Howto use resource file (resx) strings in javascript alert messages

Basically, put the string in a HtmlInputHidden tag, and assign the hidden fields value in Page_Load event. Then you can utilize this field in client side using your javascript code.

ref: another technique ref:

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Template Pack for SharePoint 2010

Capturing Output from ASP.Net Pages



/// Overridden to handle Confirmation of the order by

/// capturing the HTTP output and emailing it.

Setting the default Button for a TextBox in ASP.NET

1) ref: EmailTextBox.Attributes.Add(“onKeyPress”, “javascript:if (event.keyCode == 13) __doPostBack(‘” + LoginButton.UniqueID + “‘,”)”); 2)


function clickButton(e, buttonid){

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