Sharepoint 2010 Module key: IgnoreIfAlreadyExists


Other Tips and Tricks about Sharepoint 2010 if you cannot see “MasterPages” under “Look and Feel” section of your Site Settings then this post is helpful for you. Provisioning Publishing Pages

If you forgot your access db password…

recovering your microsoft access passwords

Managed Services Engine

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“The Managed Services Engine (MSE) is one approach to facilitating Enterprise SOA through service virtualization. Built upon the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and the Microsoft Server Platform, the MSE was developed by Microsoft Services as we helped customers address the challenges of SOA in the enterprise. The MSE fully enables service virtualization […]

64-bit Pipelines on Commerce server 2009

Commerce Server – x64 Pipeline Component Issue

howto assign order tracking number

Commerce Server 2007: How to use a predefined tracking number for placing an Order?

E-Commerce on .Net by Stelio Di Bello

Useful blog posts by Stelio Di Bello

online html encoder

Online html encoder, is useful when you paste sample code to your blog 🙂

How to obtain User Profile Metadata , Commerce Server 2009

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To retrieve metadata for the UserProfile entity, use the following syntax:var query = new CommerceQuery<CommerceEntityDefinition, CommerceModelSearch<CommerceEntity>>(); query.SearchCriteria.Model.ModelName = “UserProfile”;If you have strongly-typed wrapper classes, including a UserProfile wrapper class then this syntax should be used:var query = new CommerceQuery<CommerceEntityDefinition, CommerceModelSearch<UserProfile>>();

Cloud Technologies and Differences: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Elastic Computing, Google AppEngine

“Windows Azure is a platform-as-a-service cloud, giving developers the tools they need to build and deploy Web applications, Amazon EC2 is primarily an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud, offering on-demand access to customizable virtual machine instances. ” quoted from “Microsoft Windows Azure and Amazon EC2 on collision course” Other resources When should one use the […]

Installing Commerce Server 2009

Commerce Server 2009 Quick Installation Steps for Developers