Howto Create Sharepoint 2010 Sites: Comparison between different methods

Site Definitions vs Site Templates and Site Provisioning Providers “creating templated SharePoint Sites and see what works and doesn’t work for different scenarios.” Templates and SharePoint Sites – 3 of 4, by Raymond Mitchell Templates and SharePoint Sites – 4 of 4, by Raymond Mitchell The lines below were quoted form the […]

Search Solutions

There are several search solutions in the industry

Microsoft Enterprise Search – aka FAST (Proprietary ) Endeca (Proprietary ) Lucene. or Lucene..NET (GPL)

CSharp.pup vs. MicrosoftCommerce DefaultSiteWith SampleData.pup

If you are using CS2009 you may be confused what are the differences between CSharp.pup and MicrosoftCommerceDefaultSiteWithSampleData.pup files. The following thread describes the differences:

“CSharp.pup : was released with CS 2007, It has only the schema and the webservice configuration.

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ways to access Sharepoint object model

/// Basically there are three kinds of accessing Sharepoint 2010 Object model. 1) If the code is running on the Sharepoint Server, then use Sharepoint ServerSide API Model. 2) Client utilities, such as Silverlight Clients, Windows Forms, … etc can be written using Managed Client Object Model 2.1) this can be done by Client.dll and […]

Commerce Server Training

Commerce Server Training by Vertica – November 2010 (New York and Denmark) MS Commerce Server Related Companies Avanade , Vertica , CactusCommerce ,

Deploying WSP solution files in Sharepoint 2010

Adding and Deploying Solutions with PowerShell in SharePoint 2010 Remote Install of SharePoint (with SPModule) Or you can you the old good days method, like deploying to Sharepoint 2007, there is a WSPBuilder version available for Sharepoint 2010 as well. Here is a review about it. WSPBuilder download URL: Stefan Stanev’s […]

e-commerce articles

Scalable and interoperable e-commerce infrastructures: The Instant Commerce Server paradigm

Howto build a new site with Commerce Server 2009

There are a few approaches to build a new e-commerce website using CS2009.

1) Using the sharepoint commerce extensibility kit, which will create a starter site for you and you will have sample data on it, then you will be able to customize and evolve your own site. There are two versions of the sharepoint […]

finding the right codec for your media file

codec detector apps

Gspot MediaInfo And have a look at the following cool article “Choose the Right Codecs or Use Media Software Covering Most Formats“

howto enable save site as a template option in sharepoint publishing sites

Enable save site as a template option in sharepoint publishing sites