Coupons, Vouchers and Gift Cards


“Coupons usually have an expiration date and they are associated with a discount on a specified productCoupons are often published in newspaper, magazines and sometimes even in the books. Usually you cut them out or use the number imprinted on it to get a discount.”

“Vouchers also have an expiration date. Unlike coupon, voucher entitles you to receive a certain product or service, such as a night in a hotel room… While coupons require certain level of participation by its owner, voucher does not need such a thing, therefore vouchers are much more valuable and desirable for everybody.”

“Gift cards are usually of a certain amount: for instance a gift card of $1000 at Victoria’s Secret or Victoria Secret printable coupons. This means that if you go to the store, you can receive products up to $1,000. … You can find hundreds of sites over the Internet that offer gift cards for various brand for free or in exchange for filling out a survey.”

“Gift cards have 2 big advantages. The main advantage gift cards is that they are not limited to a certain product. If you have a gift card, you usually can get any product at a store, while in case of vouchers and coupons your choice is limited to specific goods or services.”

Originally published on for Elliot Clark Monday, November 22, 2010
Article Source: Difference Between Coupons, Vouchers and Gift Cards