Using C# in Powershell for Sharepoint

“So it would be great if the existing C# code could be reused inside Powershell without a need to implement it as Cmdlet.” ref

How to create Managed Metadata column in SharePoint 2010

A Brief Introduction to Enterprise Metadata Management for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Developers

Managed Metadata Hierarchy Breadcrumb

Basic […]

Sharepoint Metadata

Managed metadata overview (SharePoint Server 2010) Plan terms and term sets (SharePoint Server 2010)

Sharepoint Application Pages

Custom application pages in the SharePoint 2010 Sandbox SharePoint: Application page to display all sites a user can view MOSS 2007 WSS 3.0

data mining lectures’ videos


“An interesting aspect of the site is that you can contribute to it. Basically, you can add your own videos of lectures. In addition, you can also comment your videos or existing ones. Once you have five minutes, go there and check some data mining videos. Here are examples of videos from famous […]

Saving Search results in Sharepoint 2010

Steve Curren’s answer in MSDN forums:

“The searches are logged. You can view search reports under Site Settings–> Site Actions–> Site Collection Web Analytics Reports. Here you can see such things as “Top Queries”. There are a lot of links about SEO optimization and SharePoint. You can start here.”

SharePoint Custom Search […]

Sharepoint 2010 Accessibility Resources

Sharepoint 2010 web standards and accessibility SharePoint 2010 accessibility with WCAG 2.0 support Accessibility Kit for SharePoint 2007

Sharepoint SEO


“Use meaningful site names and page names to create “friendly” URLs. Great Page Titles would be something like the site intro page title for e.g.: “SharePoint is Awesome – Trainings, Demos, Hands on Labs” or a sub site page title: “SharePoint is Awesome – Search Engines Optimization Explained”. Accurate Meta Elements: Up-to-date […]

source control systems


Git Hosted Service for Git & Subversion:

The ‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0′ provider is not registered on the local machine.

If you are using a 64 bit operating system, applications that are compiled CPU TYPE ANY will try to locate 64bit versions of the libraries that are included in the application. If you don’t have the library’s 64-bit version you will encounter the following error message:

“The ‘Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0′ provider is not registered on the local […]

email sending limits per hour/day

have a look and decide which one is for you.

have a look and decide which one is for you.