Howto copy/move a Commerce Server Installation among servers

the supported, and automatic way of copying/moving a  site from one server to another is by using Commerce Server Site Packager. Site Packager application can pack (create a *.PUP file), or unpack an existing PUP file to create another installation for the same code. Sometimes, creation of PUP file fails. So how should we copy/move all code and data and configure Commerce Server according to that?

Below are rough steps explaining how to achieve this goal by manual steps:

1) You can backup restore all the databases

2) which pup you have used to create the current site? StarterSite.pup, CharpSite.pup, ContemporarySiteWithData.pup, .. etc Take that pup file and unpup it to the new machine.  Follow the same procedure when you have initially unpacked the file for current site’s development. All the paths names should be the same.

3) Overwrite all the newly created databases in step 2 with the db backups in 1. Restore those dbs on the new created ones.

4) copy the code from original machine to the new machine. Overwrite all existing ones.

5) check the connectionStrings in web.config files in:

5.1) Site’s web.config.

5.2) WebServices’ web.config

6) go to Commerce Server Manager, and make sure that all the connection string settings are configured as pointing to the new databases which were overwritten.


If you are using Commerce Server 2007, on a IIS7 box have a look at the following article. It may be helpful if you remove FTP sites temporarily to make the packager work:  Error when using Site Packager (PUP) on IIS7