Cloud Platforms and Tools

AppHarbor is a .NET Platform-as-a-Service. Developers push code to AppHarbor using either Git or Mercurial. AppHarbor then builds the code and runs any unit tests. If everything checks out, the code is deployed to AppHarbor’s scalable cloud platform. ref:

AzureWatch Auto scaling strategies for Windows Azure, Amazon’s EC2 and other cloud platformsBy Igor Papirov


Building Smart Applications

Smart App Design – Prediction API

Google Prediction API helps all apps to adapt and learn

Smart App Design – Travis Green, Max Lin, Robert Kaplow, Jóhannes Kristinsson, Ryan McGee

classifieds website platforms

OSclass is all you need to easily create your own classifieds website. demo:

What are the computer software necessities of a solicitor?

We frequently use communication technologies like mobile phone, email, twitter to send and receive information to each other. One of the hardest thing for a profession not related to technology is to adopt itself to cutting edge tech developments. I thought solicitors were not using the technology very well, but when i have attended a […]

Office 365 & Sharepoint on Azure


“I would guess that is is not possible to install SharePoint 2010 on Azure. Any application that requires registry access or any kind of access to Windows system folders or services is not supported on Azure at present. Custom code and custom code workflows will be supported in the next major update to […]

Faceted Search Solutions Of course best of breed solution is Microsoft’s Enterprise Search which was formerly known as FAST Search SolrSharp is a library that interacts with the Solr search engine. Solr ( provides an operational framework around the Lucene search engine and runs on both Windows & Linux. SolrSharp provides an easy way to […]