What are the computer software necessities of a solicitor?

We frequently use communication technologies like mobile phone, email,¬†twitter to send and receive information to each other. One of the hardest thing for a profession not related to technology is to adopt itself to cutting edge tech developments. I thought solicitors were not using the technology very well, but when i have attended a meeting one of my friends (shnorhagalem “Titernik”) told me about the applications a typical solicitor may use. Below i list a few applications that are in common use by people of justice:

  • Office Applications: As every office worker Word, Excel, and Outlook are mostly used applications in Law firms.
  • Speech to Text Applications: These apps are used to dictate the on paper text to the customer and editin/sending the document via email, or archive it electronically. So this may be an opportunity for document management systems and Rights Management Systems.
    By using Document Management Systems, documents can be archived and shared easily in the company. As legal documents may have certain level of privacy requirements, Rights Management Systems may provide additional security to prevent view/modify/forward operations by unauthorized people.
  • Timesheet and Expense Management Applications: These kind of applications are widely used by any kind of organization who deals with many clients, or doing consultancy job in any area. Subject Matter Experts (SME) need to charge their time, and expenses to the customer when dealing with customer’s particular project.

Below i present a few applications links for the reader to have a look and get deeper understanding by evaluating the products:

“TFB’s Partner for Windows” timeSheet application¬†http://www.tikittfb.com

“BigHand Voice-to-Text” application http://www.bighand.com/digitaldictation/voicetotext.html

Other Speech to Text Applications you may find useful:

Google Voice http://www.google.com/voice
Jott http://www.jott.com/
Dragon Dictation http://www.dragonmobileapps.com/apple/dictation.html
MacSpeech Dictate http://www.macspeech.com/pages.php?pID=143
Dragon Naturally Speaking http://www.nuance.com/naturallyspeaking/products/editions/standard.asp

reference: “5 Easy Speech-to-Text Solutions”¬†http://chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/5-easy-speech-to-text-solutions/23016

Other Timesheet and Expense Management Applications you may find useful:

Simple and powerful timesheet and expense management system: Dovico http://www.dovico.com/