Streaming music at background of a webpage

How to stream music or audio from your website


mp3 streaming


Sharepoint Content Type Hubs

Content Type Hub FAQ and Limitations

Content Type Hub – Publishing and Subscribing to Content Types Programmatically (C# Code)


Compare and Synchronize database Schemas

Exploring Visual Studio 2010’s Database Tools

How to: Compare Database Schemas, Visual Studio 2010

Compare and Synchronize Database Schemas, Visual Studio 2010

How to: Compare the Data of Two Databases, Visual Studio 2008

How to: Compare the Data of Two Databases, Visual Studio 2005



Azure Web Roles Sync

Sometimes you may need to disable the sync service between your Azure Web Roles. Those occasions are like deploying large sites, or copying files to server manually. You can disable / enable the Azure Web Role Sync using Website Manager Tool.

Below lines were quoted from the reference:

“Start/Stop Synchronization Process

The next feature […]

Sql Azure Sync Between different instances

“Cross-Server Copying You can also copy a database between two different SQL Azure servers that are in the same sub-region or data center. Because the new database is created on a different SQL Azure server, it is associated with a different master database. All users in the new database maintain the permissions that they had […]

Sql Azure FAQ and Tools

Sql Azure FAQ

No support for Sql Profiler in Sql Azure v1.0

SQL Azure Migration Wizard v3.7.7 , is a tool to migrate your dbs to Sql Azure.

Inflation Rate History


Inflation rate


Inflation Rate

Inflation Rate History from Bank of England Website

Central Banks Base Rates, Base Interest Rates


Central banks – summary of current interest rates

Worldwide Central Bank Rates




Changing the DNN Login page

Changing the DNN Login page

Customizing Login, Register & Profile pages of DotNetNuke (dot net nuke dnn)


How do I reset my DotNetNuke host “superuser” password?

“If you lost the password of the host “superuser” account (and you cannot request the host password by email)…”




Personal Robots, Industrial Robots, Robotics Industry

Personal Robot industry to grow to $15 Billion by 2015

personal robot

the robot report

Microsoft Robotics Studio


BBC – Hyper Evolution Rise Of The Robots Part 1 Documentary


Arms Industry & Arms Exporters

The Top 20 Arms Exporters, 2006–2010

Arms Industry