UpdatedConcurrencyException on Sharepoint

UpdatedConcurrencyException: The object SPWebApplication Name=[Web Application Name] was updated by another user. ┬áDetermine if these changes will conflict, resolve any differences, and reapply the second change. ┬áThis error may also indicate a programming error caused by obtaining two copies of the same object in a single thread. Previous update information: User: [DOMAINUsername] Process:vssphost4 (6628) …

Clear the SharePoint Configuration Cache


“Represents the exception that is thrown when the object that is the target of an update operation is updated by another user after the database record was last retrieved.”

Stop the SharePoint Timer service (on all servers in the farm)
Backup the Cache.ini-file (on all servers in the farm) Go to %SystemDrive%\ProgramData\Microsoft\SharePoint\Config\ in Explorer. I had four guid-folders. Two of them contained Cache.ini, xml- and xmltmp-files. Check which of the folders that has the latest modified Cache-ini. Copy the ini-file to a backup folder.
Delete the XML-files (and xmltemp-files if they exist) from the folder above (on all servers in the farm). Open the Cache.ini-file and replace the current number with 1. Save the file (on all servers in the farm).
Start the SharePoint Timer service (on all servers in the farm)