good things doesn’t stay on the market for long

A house, commodity, or anything that is valuable, if it is good then it does not stay on the market for long time. It gets snapped up as soon as possible.

If it’s a material above comment is true, it is not true for relationships.

Because people have personality, style, taste, preferences to choose something or someone to accept to their lives. They even have criterias  to be chosen as well. There are black, grey and white values for each preference. If the evaluation result for criterias has only one black, then match does not happen, if it’s all non-black, it’s ok, the best is of course to have all preference test values to be white.

The chooser and the chosen must have their relationship preferences match in order to call it a relationship.

From another perspective, we make ourselves “worse” by raising our criterias from absolute minimum for a relationship.