Not language but meaning is important.

Language is like a wire which conducts electricity.When electricity is consumed at the end of the wire it can be used for a good result, or a bad result. If conducted electricity ends up in an electric shock harms somebody, an electric chair which causes death of a person, or causes fire, that means the electricity, the wire is used for bad objectives. On the other hand the electricity can be used to light a bulb, heat home,  that is a good use of it, so the objective is good, so the use is.

That’s why, the meaning of the words are important, not which language they are said in.

The concept “good” is relative, but here we assume “good” is “good for all”.
As long as the meaning of words are good, objective of actions are good, as long as intentions are good,

  • no human being
  • no language

is superior or inferior then the other.  They are all equal as long as they are good.

In other words:

  • All good humans are equal whichever language they speak.
  • All speeches in all languages are equally beautiful as they speak the truth, useful, and good.
  • It’s not the language but the meaning makes something good or bad.



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