Going beyond your data allowances and usage warnings

If you use beyond your data allowance mobile service providers will charge you a lot, so you have to control what your phone doing with your data plan. If you forget your phone streaming video/audio, or use your phone as a modem to your pc which is updating software or downloading other kinds of large data, you can end up with a phone bill over 1000 pounds!
For instance my mobile service gives me 500MB of data allowance for 7.5 pounds, but if i go over the allowance they charge me “1 pound for each MB i download!”
The problem is not the pricing, the problem is you can go beyond your allowance and unaware of doing so. You continue to use your allowance and the result can be catastrophic. For insance my mobile company does not warn me about excessive usage. So it is very dangerous to forget your phone while it is downloading large amounts of data.
Since your mobile company does not warn you about your usage, you must be cautious and monitor your data usage.
Applications that can help
Below i will try to present some data usage monitoring applications for various phones:
Discussions about the Topic
Consumer Rights in UK, what should a consumer do in case of a dispute?
1) Check out the provider company’s Complaint Resolution Policy, act according to that
2) Check out the Consumer Direct at
UK Consumer Direct’s opinion regarding the issue is stated below (2010-09-13):
“When you enter into contract, both you and the trader are bound by the terms and conditions, which are binding and not subject to change. If these terms and conditions state you will be charged £1 for every MB you use over your allowed usage, then you may be bound by this. If the terms and conditions do not state you will be charged, then you may be able to hold the trader in breach of contract. As a next step, you may wish to write to the trader (by recorded delivery to prove receipt), stating your case, desired outcome and setting a (reasonable) deadline for a response. You should also keep a copy of the letter for your own records. “
List of UK watchdogs and ombudsmans

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Similar situation occured in Turkey, the consumer sued the telecom company and won the case.