Tutorial on Nant How to install and configure

Building and Deploying Using NAnt


NaNT .build file Intellisense

A Brief Introduction to NAnt

NAnt 0.92: log4net:ERROR XmlConfiguratorAttribute: Exception getting ConfigurationFileLocation Download “streams” from and execute: streams -s -d <Nant Folder> ref:


Hacir (Kisitlama) Altına Alınmak Nedir, Medeni Haklarin Kisitlanmasi, Fiili Ehliyetin Iptali

Akıl hastalığı, akıl zayıflığı olanlara, savurganlık, ayyaşlık, kötü yaşam ile kendisini ve ailesini yoksulluğa sürükleyen kişiler ve bir yıl ya da daha fazla hürriyeti bağlayıcı bir ceza ile hükümlü olmak gibi halleri olan kişilerin medeni hakları kullanma ehliyeti mahkeme kararı ile kaldırılır ve kendilerine vasi tayin edilir.Bu işleme hacir altına alınma denir. ref

Hacir: […]

Battery, Assult, and other offences against the person in English law

Battery (crime)




Non-fatal offences against the person in English law


Offences Against the Person Act 1861: Drinking pregnant woman, Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Mother who drank heavily when pregnant not guilty of crime, court rules “Child born with lifelong damage after excessive drinking by […]

How to discover multi threading related bugs and debug them?

Multi threaded applications are great, they provide high performance, high throughput but tackling concurrency issues are sometimes not easy. Especially preemption related bug cannot be easily reproduced. Thus Microsoft created a useful tool called CHESS, to simulate all possible preemptions for your multi threaded application.

How to correctly implement multi-threading in C#

Tools And […]

SOLID Principles with Examples in C#

Implementing the Inversion of Control Pattern in C#

SOLID Principles in C# – An Overview

SOLID principles with real world examples



Initial Stands for (acronym) Concept S SRP Single responsibility principle a class should have only a single responsibility. O OCP Open/closed principle “software entities … should be open […]

Interesting Features in C#

New features in C# 4.5 and C# 5.0

C# 5.0: More Than Just Async

An Introduction to New Features in C# 5.0

What Happens in an Async Method

Asynchronous Programming in C# 5.0 using async and await


closure in c#

C# Closures Explained

The Beauty of […]

Continous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Comparison of continuous integration software

Improving your build process with NAnt and CruiseControl.NET


Continuous Integration for Visual Studio Load Test via Cruise Control

Building and Deploying Using NAnt



Continuous Deployment “Amazon May Deployment Stats (production hosts & environments only) 11.6 seconds Mean time between deployments (weekday) 1,079 […]

Performance Profiling Your .NET Application

Using Performance Counters In The C# Language

An Introduction To Performance Counters

Beginners Guide to Performance Profiling

Tools and Techniques for .NET Code Profiling

.NET Internals: The Profiling API

JetBrains Profiling Tool for .NET Applications


Performance Profiling Console (or Win/WPF) Applications

MiniProfiler: A simple but effective […]

Graph Databases

Intro to Graph Databases Above video shows peoples’ connections in the world. Very interesting visualization of graph database.