Gift Tax and Inheritence Tax in UK

Gifts that are exempt from Inheritance Tax

Valuing an estate for Inheritance Tax – worked example


Taxable and non-taxable income at a glance


Inheritence Tax (IHT) Abroad


Retiring abroad and inheritance tax

Act now to beat the new stealth tax: 10 tips to avoid Inheritance Tax
“Changing your domicile – the country which you regard as home – is more difficult than changing the country in which you are deemed to be resident for tax purposes. Mr Whiting said: β€œOne definition of domicile is the country in which you intend to be buried. If you are domiciled overseas, then only assets based in Britain will be subject to IHT, whereas IHT would cover your worldwide assets if you were domiciled here.””

2013 International Estate and Inheritance Tax Guide—Country-list

Varieties of inheritance and estate taxes

Can Expats Escape Inheritance Tax by Moving Abroad?
“Is it true that Britons can move abroad to some countries and avoid paying inheritance tax, or is that a myth touted by estate agents selling homes overseas?”