Patents in Different Countries, and Software Patents

Software patents under United Kingdom patent law

British Library Intellectual Property Office: PATENTS: Basic Facts

Software patent debate and Bilski case in US in

Patenting computer-implemented inventions (software patents)
Some computer-implemented inventions are patentable whilst others are not.

The Future of Software Patents by Stanford University

How to Patent Software Part 1: Part 2:

In re Alappat case in US

Copyrighting Software vs. Patenting Software


Patents Act 1977

Authorship and ownership of copyright




Protecting Ideas: Can Ideas Be Protected or Patented?
“Copyrights protect expression and patents protects inventions, and neither protect ideas.”

How to Patent a Game Idea



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Interesting Patent Cases

boulton and watt v bull case

patent law and theory

Strong Steam, Weak Patents, or, the Myth of Watt‟s Innovation-Blocking Monopoly, Exploded