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Clinical depression

5 Types of Depressive Disorders


Midlife crisis
“Midlife crisis is a term first coined by Elliott Jaques referring to a critical phase in
human development during the forties to early sixties, based on the character of change
points, or periods of transition. The period is said to vary among individuals and between
men and women.”
“work or career (or lack thereof)
spousal relationships (or lack thereof)
maturation of children (or lack of children)
aging or death of parents
physical changes associated with aging”

How to Get Out of a Midlife Crisis
“During this season of your life, be sure to:

Remember that your feelings aren’t commands. Just because you feel like you have to escape
your home, job, or marriage doesn’t mean you have to actually do it, Margolies says. These
feelings may indeed point to problems that need solving. But they may also fade or change
over time.
Be thankful for the good things. Take time to be grateful for the parts of your life that
make you happy, Margolies says. Ask yourself how you’d feel if you took an action that
caused you to lose them.
Talk it over. Before you make major decisions, discuss them with someone whose advice
you’ll trust, Colarusso says. A friend, pastor, or mental health professional can give you
another opinion on whether you’re making wise choices.
Ask whether your wishes are realistic. Men make plenty of successful changes in their 40s
and beyond: Going back to college, traveling the world, or starting their own business.
Just make sure your new goals are practical and within your grasp.
Avoid jolting your loved ones. “Realize that you may not need to blow up your life to be
happy,” Margolies says. “But if it needs to be dismantled, then doing so thoughtfully will
be less destructive to the people around you.”

Male midlife crisis
“Ways to help avoid depression include taking regular exercise, which can ease tension and trigger brain chemicals that improve your mood (endorphins), eating well and sleeping well. Most of all, don’t bottle up your feelings.”

Stress, anxiety and depression: Tips for coping with depression
“You can also contact helplines, such as Samaritans on 08457 90 90 90, for confidential,
non-judgmental emotional support.”

Depression support groups
“Depression can make you feel isolated. Many people with depression find it helpful to meet with other people who understand what it’s like. This is called peer support.”
Man Mot: Free, confidential, anonymous. No appointment – just click. It’s men’s health made easy.




Midlife Crisis: 4 Ways To Deal With Changes In Your Male Partner
“1. Don’t be judgmental.

Ken Solin, an author and Huff/Post50 blogger, said that being judgmental and putting a guy down for his newfound interests is a recipe for disaster. “Lots of midlife guys want to buy a motorcycle and women frequently put them down for that, which is a mistake, since it’s usually a fantasy a guy has had since he was a boy,” he said. “He waited until his kids were grown so no one could tell him he needed to be safe so he’d be around to raise his kids. I think supporting a midlife guy is best in terms of telling him ‘This is your time now. Do whatever it is you’ve always wanted to, but didn’t have the energy for.'”

2. Remain calm.

Did you recently stumble across some porn on your husband’s computer? Did you completely freak out? You probably shouldn’t have. Studies show that almost all men have looked at porn at one time or another, and that pornography didn’t change the nature of their relationships with the women in their lives. In all matters, it’s best to stay cool and think things through before lashing out.

3. Respect his fear.

You are probably familiar with his bad moods or less-than-stellar behavior, but not his fear. According to Pamela Zivari, an attorney and mediator who specializes in conflict resolution, a midlife crisis is first and foremost about fear. “What fear? Fear he won’t ever become who he thought he would be professionally, fear about his body breaking down, fear about retirement, fear about not retiring because of financial problems,” she said. “So your response to his crisis, whatever form it takes, should include sympathy and great, great respect for the fear that he might not even have identified, let alone dealt with.”

4. Pay attention.

Often women brush off men’s emotional issues because men have a difficult time articulating what’s wrong. For example, many marriages fall apart after the nest empties. “This can happen for many reasons, but I believe it’s because couples lose connection to each other beyond being mom and dad,” said Sharon Greenthal, a writer who’s written about midlife crises. “Be sure to make your marriage a priority before the kids are gone. The most important thing to do if you believe your husband/partner is having a male midlife crisis is to pay attention to him.”

7 Signs You Might Be Facing A Midlife Crisis
“1) When you start “panicking about health issues,” said Diane Franklin Slimbock.

someone upset on scale

2) “When you start to have more questions than answers; especially hard ones: ‘is this all there is?’… ‘why am I doing this?’… ‘what about what I need?’… ‘who am I anymore?’… ‘what is the real point of me?’… ‘why put my life off any longer?'” said Anna Gregerson.

3) “When you start comparing yourself more and more to your more successful friends and younger co-workers and you start feeling increasingly regretful and self-conscious,” said Lanie Giron.

jealous of younger

4) “A crisis seems to come from exhaustion and a sudden acknowledgement of the passage of time. All assumptions come under review — all of them,” said Denice Loritsch.

5) “In several cases, we have noticed [in others] a sudden urge to lose weight and get in shape, go clubbing and reconnect with high school and college friends following marriage trouble and divorce. My husband and I were married, without children, for 17 years when, at 38 and 42, we felt that midlife crisis and need for a change. So we went to Russia three times in two years and adopted our two amazing kids!! Best crisis we ever had. We are now 53 and 57, our son is 14 and our daughter is 12, and we are having the time of our lives!!!” said Kimberly Minton Freeman.

happy family with teenagers

6) “Just observing men who want to date me… acting and talking like they are 30 instead of late 40s. This includes much insensitivity and not a lot of understanding, no pillow talk, and a heightened sense of their own worth at the expense of a partnership and learning about someone else. Many women are still using the tried-and-true ‘damsel in distress’ act and hiding their intelligence by sexing everything up. Just my opinion,” said Michelle Ethridge.

7) “As a nutrition and lifestyle coach, I notice that friends and clients want to feel better, lose weight, look younger and be more energized by cultivating healthier habits,” said Judy Boyd Griffin.


The Truth about Depression
“Only someone who has had it knows how paralyzing depression can be. No one is immune. There’s a one in four chance that depression will affect you at some stage in your life. It’s bad enough to get it, but the stigma can make you feel much worse. This is the truth about depression.”


The Science of Depression


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