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Changes in Tier 1 General Extension Rules and ILR Application Requiremetns for UK

New Tier 1 General Rules from 6 April 2014 – no more endless extensions and ILR applications in April 2018.

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Tier 1 (General) of the Points Based System – Policy Guidance, 6 April 2014

With effect from 6 April 2015, Tier 1 (General) will close and applications to extend leave […]

Running Scripts from C# Application

Run Powershell-Script from C# Application

How to run PowerShell scripts from C#

Python for C# Developers, By Michael Kennedy

A 3 minute guide to embedding IronPython in a C# application

Is it possible to dynamically compile and execute C# code fragments? It depends on your precise needs. Two […]

hmrc investigations in media

Tax is not comedy, it is serious.

Jimmy Carr and the morality of tax avoidance

Jimmy Carr tax avoidance scheme investigated by HMRC

Tax avoidance scheme used by Jimmy Carr investigated by HMRC

Avoidance schemes currently in the spotlight


public debt by percentage of gdp

public debt by percentage of gdp

excel training courses

excel courses on pluralsight

Excel 2013 from

Tutorial – Excel 2013 – 10 Things you must know

Excel 2013 for dummies

Microsoft Excel 2013 Tutorial For Beginners #1: Crash Course Data Entry Formulas Formats Charts 365


Excel Addins


excel dna blog

Self Extending […]

Provocation: What is provocation? Is provoking someone a crime?

Provocation (legal)

Provocation in English law

In Law, What Is a Provocation?

Self-Defense Overview

Is provoking someone a crime. “inciting a riot/fight” or disturbing the peace “there is no law against emotional abuse. it is not legally considered abuse.” ref:




Boşanmalarda Mal Paylaşımı Nasıl Olur?

Boşanma Sonrası Mal Paylaşımı

Evlilikten önce edinilen mallar boşanmada paylaşılmaz!

Evlenmeden Önce Edinilmiş Mallar,Miras,Geçimsizlik



Boşanmalarda Mal Paylaşımı Nasıl Olur?


Medeni Kanuna Gore Evlilik Hukumlari – Hak ve Sorumluluklari

Aile Konutu – Şerhi- Özellikleri […]

aspnet websockets signalir

Learn to Use ASP.NET 4.5 WebSockets The Easy Way

Building Real-time Web Apps with ASP.NET WebAPI and WebSockets

Learn About ASP.NET SignalR

Tutorial: Getting Started with SignalR 2.0


Signalr Supported Platforms “Supported server operating systems

The SignalR server component can be hosted in the following server or client operating systems. […]

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