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Law of the land
“All of the laws in force within a country or region, including both statute law and common law.”

Statutory law
“Statutory law or statute law is written law (as opposed to oral or customary law) set down by a legislature (as opposed to regulatory law promulgated by the executive or common law of the judiciary) or by a legislator (in the case of an absolute monarchy).[1] Statutes may originate with national, state legislatures or local municipalities. Statutory laws are subordinate to the higher constitutional laws of the land.”

Magna Carta


Human Rights: Substantive rights
“Right to life
Freedom from torture
Freedom from slavery
Right to a fair trial
Freedom of speech
Freedom of thought, conscience and religion
Freedom of movement
Rights debates
Right to keep and bear arms
Future generations
Sexual orientation and gender identity
Sexual and reproductive rights”


Fundamental rights
“Fundamental rights are a generally regarded set of legal protections in the context of a legal system, where in such system is itself based upon this same set of basic, fundamental, or inalienable rights. Such rights thus belong without presumption or cost of privilege to all human beings under such jurisdiction. The concept of human rights has been promoted as a legal concept in large part owing to the idea that human beings have such “fundamental” rights, such that transcend all jurisdiction, but are typically reinforced in different ways and with different emphasis within different legal systems.”



Civil liberties
“Civil liberties are basic rights and freedoms granted to citizens of a country through national common or statute law. They include freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom from arbitrary arrest, freedom of assembly, freedom of association and freedom of religious worship.”


Constitutional Rights


United States Bill of Rights

List of amendments to the United States Constitution

Second Bill of Rights