Commodification and Commoditization

“Commodification is more of a crime of the market against humanity, while commoditization is more of a market problem for the manufacturers of branded goods.”

Commodification and commoditization

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“My definition of a commodity? If it can be purchased online with a credit card, it is a commodity, and one of the few restrictors is a credit limit.”

…Commoditized Mercy


Commoditization of Friendship

Renting a friend! Are you serious?


The Commodification of Everything
“These days you can buy almost anything. Sperm and eggs are advertised on the
web. Speed dating services will provide you with several minutes-long dates in
one night for the right price. Human organs are being bought and sold around
the world. Universities are increasingly thinking of the education that they offer
as a “product” and their students as “consumers.” There are fewer and fewer
realms of life in which the language of money does not speak powerfully.
We now live not only in a market economy, but also in a market society, where
the market and its categories of thought have come to dominate ever more areas
of our lives. Many see the political revolutions of the last decade as offering a
complete vindication of American-style free and self-regulating markets. Free
markets promise the most efficient allocation of resources, unmatched production
of wealth, and greater liberty. But what does the spread of the paradigm of
the market mean for the things that we hold most dear, for our most intimate
relationships, for our understanding of what it means to be human?”