Consumer rights of passengers who get delayed

New Passenger rights – better protection for bus and coach travel
EU regulations extend passenger rights to bus and coach transport.
They are as follows:

Disabled people and those with reduced mobility will not be discriminated against. Most importantly these changes will bring in free-of –charge assistance both at designated bus terminals and on board buses and coaches. People whose mobility equipment has been damaged in transit will also be able to seek compensation.

All passengers will have the right to adequate and accessible information before and during their journey, as well as general information in bus terminals.

All passengers will be able to get general information about theirrights from bus terminals and on the internet.
Coach and bus passengers who are travelling more than 250 km now have the right to be reimbursed the full ticket price if passengers:

experience delays of more than 2 hours

find the coach or bus has been overbooked

find the coach or bus has been cancelled

Passengers will have the right to choose between compensation

If the coach or bus company does not give its customers this choice it must compensate affected customers an additional 50% of the ticket price on top of the full reimbursement of the full ticket price.”

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Consumer rights of coach passengers in Europe 20/12/13 12:39 CET
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