Subliminal Messages

Are they myth, or paranoid thoughts? Are they real, or fallacy?

“when people are nervous, they smoke more. Anxiety increases smoking.”

Subliminal messages in popular culture

Subliminal messages TheGreat Subliminal Message Deception – Full Documentary

Programming the nation 2011 HD

Programming the Nation? (2011)

Programming The Nation? “…we use material […]

Relativity, Black Holes, Time Travel

The Ultimate Guide to Black Holes

Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking – Time Travel

Quantum Theory – Full Documentary


Documentary National Geographic 2014 Monster Black Holes Full Documentary HD Why don’t black holes explode once they lose enough mass? “So what actually happens is that a black hole never […]

.NET Open Source and Cross-Platform

Opening up Visual Studio and .NET to Every Developer, Any Application: .NET Server Core open source and cross platform, Visual Studio Community 2013 and preview of Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 2015

Microsoft takes .NET open source and cross-platform

.NET Core is Open Source

Announcing .NET 2015 – .NET as Open Source, […]

the art and deadly sins of conversation

10 Deadly Sins of Conversation “Conversation Hijacker Eye-Contact Issues Ghost Listening Tasteless Jokes Shameless Self-Promoter Me, Me, Me My Name Is Negativity Dead-End Answers Word Machine ‘Everyone wants an intelligent partner, but they don’t want a preachy person or someone who makes them feel stupid.’”

Conversation Stopper #1: Hijacking

conversation hijacker “One who […]