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Time Bars

Raising the bar – Time bars and their enforceability in English law EPC contracts “Contractors’ claims for additional time and money are a common occurrence in many major construction and engineering projects. EPC contracts often use time bar clauses as a method of managing contractors’ claims, and ensuring that the employer is notified of a […]

insolvency, bankruptcy, director disqualification

Company director disqualification “You can be banned (‘disqualified’) from being a company director if you don’t meet your legal responsibilities.

Anyone can report a company director’s conduct as being ‘unfit’.

‘Unfit conduct’ includes:

allowing a company to continue trading when it can’t pay its debts not keeping proper company accounting records not sending accounts and […]

mortgage holiday

A guide to mortgage payment holidays: What is a mortgage payment holiday? ref:

Pros of a mortgage holiday

The biggest positive about a payment holiday is that it relieves some pressure for a while. For six months or more you have one less thing to worry about when considering your outgoings.

If you are […]

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive

MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive)

Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) “Published: 12/09/2014 MiFID came into force on 1 November 2007, replacing the Investment Services Directive (ISD). MiFID widens the range of core investment services and activities that firms can passport.

What does MiFID aim to do? […]

Swiss franc turmoil claims FX trader Alpari UK

West Ham sponsor enters insolvency after Swiss currency crisis “Alpari UK, which signed a three-year deal with the football club in 2013, among a string of companies feeling the impact of the sharp move in the currency markets on Thursday”

West Ham sponsor Alpari hammered by Swiss U-turn on franc cap

Swiss franc […]

Kabahatler Kanunu

“Rize’de ‘Müslüman Noel Kutlamaz’ yazılı afiş asan Muhammet Kurt, polis tarafından gözaltına alındı. Kurt, Kabahatler Kanunu’na göre 189 lira para cezası kesildikten sonra serbest bırakıldı. Rize’de cadde ve sokaklara üzerinde ‘Müslüman Noel Kutlamaz’ yazılı afiş asıldığı ihbarı üzerine harekete geçen polis, afiş astığı belirlenen 23 Şubat Gençlik Hareketi Rize temsilcisi Muhammet Kurt’u gözaltına aldı. Polis […]

Asch Conformity Experiment

Asch Conformity Experiment

BBC 4 Radio: Mind changers: Solomon Asch – Conformity

Conformity & Groupthink

Asch Experiment “The Asch Experiment, by Solomon Asch, was a famous experiment designed to test how peer pressure to conform would influence the judgment and individuality of a test subject.

The experiment is related closely to the […]

Travel and Travel Vaccinations

Which vaccinations do I need to travel abroad?


Travel vaccinations by region

Traveller’s Health: Vaccines, Medicines, Advice

Vaccination policy

Tech pioneer brings GP appointments into the […]

sexual offences in law

British police use tea as analogy for sexual consent

Tea, it’s a bad idea!


Sexual consent is simple. We should all be clear what constitutes rape Alison Saunders “1. Men now have to prove that they got consent No. There has been no change in the law – the prosecution has to […]