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Japanese knotweed

Situations which could effecting the Mortgage of a Property

Prevent Japanese knotweed from spreading

An Introduction to Japanese Knotweed
“Japanese Knotweed is considered as an invasive plant, invasives are species not native to and tending to spread widely in a habitat or environment”

Identifying Japanese knotweed

How to Identify Japanese Knotweed

Japanese knotweed

mortgage holiday

A guide to mortgage payment holidays: What is a mortgage payment holiday?

Pros of a mortgage holiday

The biggest positive about a payment holiday is that it relieves some pressure for a while. For six months or more you have one less thing to worry about when considering your outgoings.

If you are only facing a temporary drop in income, perhaps because you or your partner are having a baby and the mortgage holiday is to cover the maternity leave period, this can be a sensible move.

Cons of a mortgage holiday

While a mortgage holiday can be a useful short-term solution, it is not suitable if you can’t afford your mortgage payments because your household income has reduced permanently.

There are several important things to bear in mind.

  • While you are not making mortgage payments, you are still racking up interest on your remaining mortgage balance.
  • When the payment holiday comes to an end, your outstanding mortgage balance and mortgage payments will be higher than they were before the holiday.
  • Even where your lender agrees this temporary solution, your credit file will be affected – this in turn could affect your ability to get credit in the future.”

How to Take a Mortgage Payment Holiday