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What is an insurance write-off?
“…Your car insurance company should able to tell you this figure, but here’s an example: if your vehicle was worth £5,000 and your insurance company used a repair-to-value ratio of 60%, the vehicle would be considered beyond economical repair if the work needed exceeded £3,000…”
“Category A: scrap only. For cars so badly damaged they should be crushed and never re-appear on the road. Even salvageable parts must be destroyed.

Category B: body shell should be crushed. Signifies extensive damage, although some parts are salvageable. Should never re-appear on road, although reclaimed parts can be used in other road-going vehicles.

Category C: the vehicle is repairable but the costs exceed the vehicle’s value. Can re-appear on road.

Category D: the vehicle is repairable but repair costs are significant compared to the vehicle value – including time delays to source parts. Can re-appear on road.”


The truth behind category D insurance writes-offs
“Consumers are being warned about cars that have been written off by insurance companies reappearing on the second-hand market.”


Rights and wrongs of an insurance write-off

What Is a Salvage-Title Vehicle?