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Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Algorithm Cheat Sheet

How to get started with Azure ML

Machine Learning APIs


– Check out the Azure Machine Learning Studio:
– Check out the Azure Machine Learning Gallery:
– Channel 9 getting started videos for Azure Machine Learning:


More complex features available:
– Link to the CodePlex site with the Azure ML ExceL Add-In:
– Using the Azure Machine Learning re-training API:
– Check out the Azure Machine Learning webinars available online to sign up to:


Data Science London
“Data Science London is a community of data scientists that meets regularly to discuss data science ideas, concepts, and tools, methods and technologies used by many startups to analyse large scale data (big data), extract predictive insight, and exploit business opportunities from data products.”


Data Science Training Courses


Data Machina by @ds_ldn
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Storage for Big Data? Here is Hadoop on Azure

HDInsight: Our 100% Apache Hadoop-based service in the cloud
HDInsight Pricing
HDInsight Server (Apache Hadoop on Azure)

Getting Started with HDInsight

What’s new in the Hadoop cluster versions provided by HDInsight?

Getting Started with the Windows Azure HDInsight Emulator


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ML Algos

“What are the top 10 data mining or machine learning algorithms?”