Characteristics of a Group

Benefits of Cohesion
Group cohesion is vital in any project to succeed as it promotes interpersonal interaction. Moreover, it motivates people to work geared towards the target goals.

1. Promotes adherence
2. Fosters cooperation
“When high ranked members value the views of others, cohesion is improved at the workplace that in turn creates a healthy working environment.”
3. Better performance
4. Improves communication

Advantages & Disadvantages of Group Cohesiveness & Productivity

Characteristics of a group
“A gathering of people is a group when its members are collectively conscious of their existence as a group; when they believe it satisfies their needs; when they share aims, are interdependent, like to join in group activities, and want to remain with the group. Though groups occur in many forms and sizes, there seems to be a set of characteristics fairly common to them all. The following features are of consequence to any teacher involved in group teaching.”
1.1 Time Boundaries
1.2 Physical Environment
1.3 Group Size
1.4 Group Composition
1.5 Communication
1.6 Participation
1.7 Cohesiveness
Cohesiveness is a measure of the attraction of the group to its members (and the resistance to leaving it), the sense of team spirit, and the willingness of its members to coordinate their efforts.
1.8 Norms
1.9 Procedures
1.10 Structure
1.11 Aims
1.12 Tasks
1.13 Climate
High-performance Teams: Understanding Team Cohesiveness


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