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Free Project Management Software



GanttProject is free for any purposes, including commercial use. No license fees.


Introduction into GanttProject 2.5

GanttProject Development Blog



Project Libre – windows based

LibrePlan – web based

Libre Office

Five free Microsoft Project alternatives





a) Admin share is enabled: run services.msc and check the Service “Server” is enabled b) Add the key for the share in the registry and restart: reg add “HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters” /v AutoShareServer /t REG_DWORD /d 1 For executable:

For documentation:

wpf development and mvvm pattern

WPF Enterprise MVVM Session 1: Building a base ViewModel class

ADO.NET Entity Framework “This sample shows a WPF application built on top of the Microsoft ADO.NET Entity Framework. The application shows how the Entity Framework can be used in some common design patterns that promote testability and maintainability of code.”


MVVM Best […]

event aggregator pattern

Event Aggregator: Channel events from multiple objects into a single object to simplify registration for clients. “Event Aggregator is a good choice when you have lots of objects that are potential event sources. Rather than have the observer deal with registering with them all, you can centralize the registration logic to the Event Aggregator. As […]

Geographical renaming

Geographical renaming

List of city name changes

List of cities and towns in East Prussia

List of renamed cities and towns in Russia

Name Changes Since 1990: Countries, Cities, and More





Difference Between PGP and GPG

Difference Between PGP and GPG

openpgp, pgp, and gpg: what is the difference?