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hybris Software Developer Module 01 – Warm Upmore http://www.academia.edu/5894302/hybris_Software_Developer_Module_01_-_Warm_Up

hybris development setup how to https://github.com/pviotti/hybris/wiki/Development-Setup-How-To

Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 – Release Candidate was released.

You may download the RC by clicking this link.

As Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 Release Candidate was released, let’s have a quick look at what issues were resolved.

978466 Error message when you use the Commerce Server Staging service in Commerce Server 2007 979172 Site terms are imported incorrectly into the Commerce Server Data […]

abandoned shopping cart conversion service: SeeWhy

“Last week at the Conversion Conference in San Francisco I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Davenport. Tom, is a Babson College Distinguished Professor, and research/faculty leader and co-founder of International Institute for Analytics.”


This service is also integrated with MS Commerce Server.

Which way to go, Extensibility Kit or Custom Site Definition for Commerce on Sharepoint?

Stelio Di Bello’s good post about “Anatomy of a Sharepoint Project using Commerce Server 09” http://ecommerceondotnet.blogspot.com/2010/06/anatomy-of-sharepoint-project-using.html

Working with Virtual Catalogs

Since CS2002 i have been actively using Virtual Catalogs in commerce server. They are very useful, if you are createing a campaign for a limited time, temporary catalogs like for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, .. etc also they enable you to create country specific catalogs as well. However you need to be careful when you […]

How to use a predefined tracking number for placing an Order?

Commerce Server 2007: How to use a predefined tracking number for placing an Order? http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nihitk/archive/2006/06/21/cs2007-predefined-trackingnumber-for-order.aspx

HOW TO AVOID DUPLICATE ORDERS NUMBERS IN COMMERCE SERVER http://microsoftblog.co.in/commerceserver/how-to-avoid-duplicate-orders-numbers-in-commerce-server/

Howto copy/move a Commerce Server Installation among servers

the supported, and automatic way of copying/moving a site from one server to another is by using Commerce Server Site Packager. Site Packager application can pack (create a *.PUP file), or unpack an existing PUP file to create another installation for the same code. Sometimes, creation of PUP file fails. So how should we copy/move […]

Commerce Server R2 Architecture

Fantastic “Commerce Server R2 Architecture” article by Ravi Kanth Koppala. In this article Ravi describles the new 3-tier approach that is introduced by R2 version of Commerce Server. This way the commerce installations can be on a seperate machine, rather then the front end web servers, hence increasing the performance. http://microsoftblog.co.in/commerceserver/commerce-server-r2-architecture/

Previewing Commerce Server Marketing Campaigns

How to preview your Commerce Server marketing data http://www.gaelduhamel.com/how-to-preview-your-commerce-server-marketing-data/

Troubleshooting MSDTC Connectivity Issues in Commerce Server

Sometimes MSCS shows errors regarding the MS DTC. This is because of connectivity issues mostly, another cause of this problem may be the authentication of the DTC service.

Following errors can be seen when you have a DTC problem:

“Component Execution failed for component[0x1] hr: 0x8

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