Video analysis and machine learning

IBM’s Watson tech automates video analysis

IBM Cloud Video Scene Detection Technology

Improving video engagement with an assist from Watson

IBM Intelligent Video Analytics

We Analyze Video

Video Analysis

A Startup’s Neural Network Can Understand Video

How can Machine Learning be useful for analyzing video?




data science

Data Science Conferences Top 10 Big Data and Data Science Conferences in 2016

ODSC UK – London 2016


Big Data application : UK Pubs Traveling Salesman Problem


Big Data and Loyalty Walk Into A Bar…


R Programming Language

R by example

R Examples

An Introduction to R

R Programming – Help, How-To’s, and Examples


Building Smart Applications

Smart App Design – Prediction API

Google Prediction API helps all apps to adapt and learn

Smart App Design – Travis Green, Max Lin, Robert Kaplow, Jóhannes Kristinsson, Ryan McGee

Complex Event Processing (CEP) Platforms

What is StreamInsight “Microsoft StreamInsight™ is a powerful platform that you can use to develop and deploy complex event processing (CEP) applications. Its high-throughput stream processing architecture and the Microsoft .NET Framework-based development platform enable you to quickly implement robust and highly efficient event processing applications. Event stream sources typically include data from manufacturing applications, […]

What does A/B Split Testing mean?

What does A/B Split Testing mean, in e-commerce world? “A/B Split Testing is when customers receive a message, email, or webpage view, and a different version is randomly served to different visitors or customers. Typically A/B split testing consists of two nearly-identical versions of the given source material, but with each version having one […]

data mining lectures’ videos


“An interesting aspect of the site is that you can contribute to it. Basically, you can add your own videos of lectures. In addition, you can also comment your videos or existing ones. Once you have five minutes, go there and check some data mining videos. Here are examples of videos from famous […]

Online book: Introduction to data mining

This online book was created by The Data Mining group was established in November 2000 by Dr. Saed Sayad in a collaboration with Professor Stephen T. Balke in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto.

Data Mining is about explaining the past and predicting the future by means of […]