Using SQL Server Joins: Inner, Outer, Cross, Self Join Statements

Using SQL Server Joins: Inner, Outer, Cross, Self Join Statements

Subquery Fundamentals

SQL Server Join Example

How to use Cursor in Sql Server?


How to use Cursor in Sql

SQL Server Cursor Example

Pivot tables

Pivot tables in SQL Server. A simple sample.


Simple Way To Use Pivot In SQL Query

Working with Data-tier Application projects in Visual Studio 2010

From Channel 9: “Working with Data-tier Application projects in Visual Studio 2010”

“This demonstration shows the database-developer related enhancements in Visual Studio 2010 and introduces the concept of a data-tier application project. It shows how to issue T-SQL commands directly from within Visual Studio and how to work with graphical execution plans.” reference:

Database […]

About Sql Server VSS Service

The Basics of the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS), by Jose Barreto 10 Oct 2007 9:32 PM How to Disable the SQL Server VSS Writer Service, By Jon Guenther, September 6, 2010 SQL Writer Service, SQL Server 2008 R2, MSDN reference […]

Ms Sql Compact Edition Tools

SQL Server Compact Toolbox SQL Compact data and schema script utility for more, check:

More tools available as commercial products Data Port Console Data Port Wizard […]

Sql Server Editions and Comparison

Sql Server 2005 Editions Comparison


Sql Server 2008 Editions Comparison


Compare Editions–Compact and Express for 2008


Entity Framework can be used with Sql Server CE !



SQL Express v LocalDB v SQL Compact Edition





xml bulk import to sql server

How to import XML into SQL Server with the XML Bulk Load component, using SQLXMLBulkLoad.SQLXMLBulkLoad Using SQLXML Bulk Load in the .NET Environment XML Bulk Load Examples (SQLXML 4.0)

Playing with Vertial and Horizontal Tables

Pivot Transformation SQL Server 2005 Integration Services – Part 38 – Pivot Transformation Horizontal vs. Vertical Database Design Using PIVOT and UNPIVOT


About SqlCacheDependancy, Personalization, and Sql’s Xml DataType

Dependant Cache to Sql Server Using SqlDependency in a Windows Application ASP.NET SQL Server Registration Tool (Aspnet_regsql.exe) Enabling Query Notifications Using Query Notifications MSDN forum thread about sqlCacheDependancy Personalization Info [How Do I:] Utilize Web Parts and Personalization? WebPart.AuthorizationFilter Property How To get Web Parts to work with SQL Server 2005 (not Express) Sql Server […]