How to prepare CV / Resume

CV template: career ladder climber CV sample

How to Make a Resume

Beating the recruitment machines


How to find and do work you love | Scott Dinsmore | TEDxGoldenGatePark (2D) “What is the work that you can’t not do?”


Interesting HR Tests

The Birkman Method

Roger […]


Career Break Or Sabbatical? How To Decide What Is Right For You

Taking A Sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical

Do you dare take a sabbatical?

Your 5 step plan for taking a sabbatical

The benefits of taking a sabbatical





A few notes about DotNetNuke development

“Q: when i download the latest source code,i still see a lot of vb codes in it. am i downloading from wrong location,or is it not the fact that dnn became 100% c#?

A:If by the latest source code you mean DotNetNuke version 5.6.3 then yes you will see all VB code. The switch to […]

classifieds website platforms

OSclass is all you need to easily create your own classifieds website. demo:

What are the computer software necessities of a solicitor?

We frequently use communication technologies like mobile phone, email, twitter to send and receive information to each other. One of the hardest thing for a profession not related to technology is to adopt itself to cutting edge tech developments. I thought solicitors were not using the technology very well, but when i have attended a […]

Proxy SMTP Servers

AboutMyXApp SMTP proxy server:

“DeleGate is a multi-purpose application level gateway, or a proxy server which runs on multiple platforms (Unix, Windows, MacOS X and OS/2). DeleGate mediates communication of various protocols (HTTP, FTP, NNTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LDAP, Telnet, SOCKS, DNS, etc.), applying cache and conversion for mediated data” […]

CMS and E-Commerce Platforms Which are Using Microsoft .NET technologies

SiteCore e-Commerce: A Microsoft .NET based Enterprise Content Management System, and E-Commerce Foundation with many capabilities such as marketing, profile system, personalization, … etc. . “In the near term, the Orchard project is focused on delivering a .NET-based CMS application that will allow users to rapidly create content-driven Websites, and an extensibility framework […]

Property Surveys, Coordinate Systems in Great Britain

Converting Latitude and Longitude to British National Grid in C#

Converting Latitude and Longitude to British National grid


A guide to coordinate systems in Great Britain Coordinate systems used in Great Britain


Useful Links Wikipedia overview of the OS national grid JavaScript datum conversions (WGS84, GRS80, […]

Free EMail Servers for Windows

IIS SMTP hMailServer MailEnable Free Smtp Server

Making sense of Sharepoint Errors

Below two pages describe how to enable the required keys in web.config to be able to see the actual error message in Sharepoint solutions.

Enabling the SharePoint Safe Mode Call Stack, Disabling Custom Errors and Enabiling Compilation Debugging Making sense of SharePoint errors