Working with Virtual Catalogs

Since CS2002 i have been actively using Virtual Catalogs in commerce server. They are very useful, if you are createing a campaign for a limited time, temporary catalogs like for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, .. etc also they enable you to create country specific catalogs as well. However you need to be careful when you […]

PurgeCommerceData.exe deletes your old CS data

Explanations of David Lott – MSFT

Notes on DPAPI and ProfileKeyManager

Profile Key Manager: A Swiss Knife…How to Configure Encryption Keys for Profiles System Data Key Manager Command Line Utility Reference Data Protection

Web Farm Considerations

How To: Encrypt Configuration Sections in ASP.NET 2.0 Using DPAPI

If you change your CS2007 MachineName, Beware of these

Fix Commerce Server 2007 After Renaming Machine Name, by Max AKBAR

Change your BizDeskHostname if you see “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)” when you try to open your siteTerms, or profiles in Commerce Server Manager. SAMPLE SCREENSHOTReference.

Other things to consider about CS2007 when you change your machineName:

Identity requires “DOMAINNAMEUsername” format

ReportingServices produces the folloging error if the ApplicationPool’s identity is not well formed as in “DOMAINNAMEUsername” format:“The report server is not responding. Verify that the report server is running and can be accessed from this computer”

PS: You may find which permission issue causes the error using FileMon or ProcessMonitor utility.

Also i strongly recommend […]

Query for Resources and Versions in MSCS_Admin

This query shows the resources and versions from the MSCS_Admin db.

USE [MSCS_Admin];SELECT r.[s_DisplayName], r.[s_Description], r.[s_Type], rp.[s_Value] — SELECT r.*, rp.* FROM [Resources] r, [ResourceProps] rp WHERE rp.[s_PropertyName]=’s_ResourceVersion’ AND rp.i_ResourceId=r.[i_ResourceID] ORDER BY r.[s_DisplayName]

Also here is a script to create FullTextIndexes for a database:ReGenFTIndexesForAllCatalogs

Also Check the following thread in order to change your connectionStrings […]