Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 – Release Candidate was released.

You may download the RC by clicking this link.

As Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 R2 Release Candidate was released, let’s have a quick look at what issues were resolved.

978466 Error message when you use the Commerce Server Staging service in Commerce Server 2007 979172 Site terms are imported incorrectly into the Commerce Server Data […]

Working with Virtual Catalogs

Since CS2002 i have been actively using Virtual Catalogs in commerce server. They are very useful, if you are createing a campaign for a limited time, temporary catalogs like for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, .. etc also they enable you to create country specific catalogs as well. However you need to be careful when you […]

Howto copy/move a Commerce Server Installation among servers

the supported, and automatic way of copying/moving a site from one server to another is by using Commerce Server Site Packager. Site Packager application can pack (create a *.PUP file), or unpack an existing PUP file to create another installation for the same code. Sometimes, creation of PUP file fails. So how should we copy/move […]

Commerce Server R2 Architecture

Fantastic “Commerce Server R2 Architecture” article by Ravi Kanth Koppala. In this article Ravi describles the new 3-tier approach that is introduced by R2 version of Commerce Server. This way the commerce installations can be on a seperate machine, rather then the front end web servers, hence increasing the performance.

Previewing Commerce Server Marketing Campaigns

How to preview your Commerce Server marketing data

Creating an Auction site using MS Commerce Server

In this article i will abstractly describe howto create an auction site using microsoft commerce server.

Either you look at the Cs2009 RtmSamples or to other sample codes of MSCS you will see that product is added to the shopping cart with its price. However when Total.pcf and Basket.pcf pipelines are run the catalogQueryInfo pipeline […]

Sample Discount Campaigns

Today at lunchtime i went to a supermarket to buy some ready to eat food. I ‘ve found the product and went to the self-checkout machine to pay. The self-checkout machine gave me two coupons which had the following discounts on them:

50p off, when you spend £2 on your next visit, valid until 16/12/2010, […]

using operationSequences instead of pipeline components

Commerce Server 2009 Operation Sequence Component Extensibility

Commerce Server 2009 OperationSequenceComponent Extensibility, Part 2 – E-Commerce Product Architecture – Site Home – MSDN Blogs.

How to implement Custom Shipping Methods in Commerce Server […]

MSCS09 code name “R2” – Sept10 CTP What’s New: The following are new features that have been introduced since the Commerce Server 2009 “R2” May 2010 CTP release:

Storefront and component Web Parts are now designed for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010. The SharePoint Commerce Services Configuration Wizard has been updated to enable IT Personnel or developers […]

CSharp.pup vs. MicrosoftCommerce DefaultSiteWith SampleData.pup

If you are using CS2009 you may be confused what are the differences between CSharp.pup and MicrosoftCommerceDefaultSiteWithSampleData.pup files. The following thread describes the differences:

“CSharp.pup : was released with CS 2007, It has only the schema and the webservice configuration.

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