Creating Sharepoint 2010 Workflows

Create reusable workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010 and attach to Content Types



export import sites from MOSS2007 to SP2010

> SP2010 export/import using Powershell: > SharePoint 2010 Cookbook: How to Migrate a SharePoint 2007 Site to SharePoint 2010 Using Database Attach * migration with db may be done, and db can be associated with the site using the command: Stsadm.exe –o addcontentdb –url “enter your url” –databasename “enter your db name” […]

SPMetal, Missing CreatedBy and ModifiedBy fields

Itay Shakury’s good post about making SPMetal generate CreatedBy, ModifiedBy including classes.

Creating and Calling WCF Services in Sharepoint 2010, and Querying them using JQuery

Calling WCF Services using jQuery Creating a Custom WCF Service in SharePoint Foundation, using Visual Studio 2010 Sample Codes: Beginning SharePoint 2010 Development, by Steve Fox,,descCd-DOWNLOAD.html

Exposing Custom Properties in Sharepoint 2010 Virtual Webparts

Exposing Custom Properties in Sharepoint 2010 Virtual Webparts,guid,357e4853-9a75-4962-ad68-1e07bcf40bb8.aspx

What are Sharepoint Limits?

SharePoint Server 2010 capacity management: Software boundaries and limits

Creating Workflows with Visio 2010, for Sharepoint 2010

Creating Workflows In Visio 2010 and SharePoint Designer Creating workflows for SharePoint 2010 with Office Visio 2010 Creating SharePoint 2010 workflows with Visio 2010

Howto create My Sites on SharePoint 2010

> Configuring My Site in SharePoint 2010 > SharePoint 2010: Activating My Sites > Set up My Sites (SharePoint Server 2010) > Manage My Sites settings (SharePoint Server 2010)

Sharepoint Variations

If you don’t see the “Variations” link on your “Site Settings” below “Site Collection Administration” topic, probably you haven’t activated the “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure” feature, after activating it you should be able to see Variations link. ref: . “Interestingly enough, using variations and creating the heirarchy in Sharepoint creates links to the […]

Using C# in Powershell for Sharepoint

“So it would be great if the existing C# code could be reused inside Powershell without a need to implement it as Cmdlet.” ref

How to create Managed Metadata column in SharePoint 2010

A Brief Introduction to Enterprise Metadata Management for Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 Developers

Managed Metadata Hierarchy Breadcrumb

Basic […]