64-bit Pipelines on Commerce server 2009

Commerce Server – x64 Pipeline Component Issue

VPC and 64-bit Guest support…


http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/default.aspx http://www.virtualbox.org/ http://www.vmware.com/

reverse engineering with reflector on x64

Did you know that there is an add in, called deblector, for reflector to do debugging?

Reflector + Deblector + x64 = 0x80131C30

.NET Reflector Add-InsDebugging .NET IL at Runtime using Reflector / Deblector Howto use deblector -Forum Thread

PCF file open problem on 64 bit Win2003

* PCF file open, broken pipe error is solved. Thus PipelineEditor association issue fixedC:Program Files (x86)Microsoft Commerce Server 2007pipeeditor.exe_IfYouExecuteThisOn64EnvironmentYouSeeYourPipelinesHaveBrokenPipes_Use64EditionIsteadOfThisOne

ContentListHelper.dll problem in 64 bit installation of Commerce Server 2007

When using 64 bit Commerce Server 2007, you may experience problems after deploying your code. That may be caused by the 32 bit version of the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Internal.ContentListHelper.dll placed in your application’s bin folder.

Application tries to load libarary, finds in the bin directory, then it tries to load the 32 bit dll on the 64 […]