Accessing Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 ConnectionStrings


If you are using Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 (MSCS) and if you have one commerce starter site then you will have 7 databases in your Sql Server. The databases are listed as following:

1. SiteName_ProductCatalog 2. SiteName_Profiles 3. SiteName_Marketing 4. SiteName_MarketingLists 5. SiteName_Transactions 6. SiteName_TransactionConfig 7. SiteName_DataWareHouse

If you […]

Why shouldn’t you use folder synchronizers instead of source control providers

I was coding a project with my best friend who lives far away from my home. We have created the solution however the need for a source controlling system emerged. First we tried to use MS Visual SourceSafe 2005 over VPN, that was working but it was so slow that you cannot get latest version […]