Working with Virtual Catalogs

Since CS2002 i have been actively using Virtual Catalogs in commerce server. They are very useful, if you are createing a campaign for a limited time, temporary catalogs like for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, .. etc also they enable you to create country specific catalogs as well. However you need to be careful when you […]

CS 2009 Catalog System Design Guidelines

Design consideration for developing commerce server catalog system, By Ravi Kanth — Catalogset features in Commerce Server 2007, by Vinayak — Getting the most appropriate list of catalogs for the current user, by Vinayak —

Accessing Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 ConnectionStrings


If you are using Microsoft Commerce Server 2007/2009 (MSCS) and if you have one commerce starter site then you will have 7 databases in your Sql Server. The databases are listed as following:

1. SiteName_ProductCatalog 2. SiteName_Profiles 3. SiteName_Marketing 4. SiteName_MarketingLists 5. SiteName_Transactions 6. SiteName_TransactionConfig 7. SiteName_DataWareHouse

If you […]

Microsoft Commerce Server 2007 Catalog Manager Web Version Project Created

MS CS 2007 Catalog Manager Web Version project has been created by Ziver Alen, now you may download the working but not fully tested Alpha release of this web based catalog manager tool.

MyArticle: Combining Commerce Server 2007 Catalog Tables in a View

This article of mine, describes how to union multiple catalog tables in a single view. This approach may be used for reporting purposes, thus developer will not require to find out which table contains the product, but will execute a select stmt for a view and will get the information required.Combining Commerce Server Tables as […]

PurgeCommerceData.exe deletes your old CS data

Explanations of David Lott – MSFT

How to sell downloadable products on a commerce site?

Very nice debate on commerce sites which sell downloadable products.

Adding a variant to the basket from a virtual catalog

/// VirtualCatalogName: ABCD , BaseCatalogName: EFGH,

/// ProductId 1234 , VariantId: XYZ Incorrect code: add(“ABCD”, “1234(EFGH)”, “XYZ”, 1)

Correct code: add(“ABCD”, “1234(EFGH)”, “XYZ(EFGH)”, 1)P.S: found by Mr. Shepherd

nice post on pipeline scripting

“Pipeline problem with diferent pricing for different customer groups”

‘The following entry points are available (shown in VBScript format):function MSCSExecute(config, orderform, context, flags) if Orderform.[shopper_type] = “1” then for each item in orderform.items item.[_product_list_price] = item.[_product_list_price] * .75 next else if Orderform.[shopper_type] = “2” then for each item in orderform.items item.[_product_list_price] = item.[_product_list_price] * .5 […]

if commerce server virtual catalog rebuilds are failed

In order To Restart Your Catalog Import Component follow these instrucationsAdministrative Tools > Component Services > Computers > My computer> COM+ Apps > Commerce Server Catalog Import Host

Right click, then click on “Shutdown” this will make the spinning ball stop, thus COM+ component is not functional now.

“Start” command restarts your […]