COVID-19 fiscal stimulus packages

Value of COVID-19 fiscal stimulus packages in G20 countries as of July 2020, as a share of GDP

Across countries, economic-stimulus responses to the COVID-19 crisis outsizethose to the 2008 nancial crisis.

Figure 1: IMF estimate of the size of the fiscal measures implemented in response to Covid-19

Country policy responses to Covid-19, As […]

Daylight Saving Time – DST

Daylight saving time “Although not used by the majority of the world’s countries, daylight saving time is common in the Western world.”

Daylight Saving Time – DST “Today clocks are almost always set one hour back or ahead, but throughout history there have been several variations, like half adjustment (30 minutes) or double adjustment […]

Economic & Environmental Impact of Traffic Congestion

Here’s Exactly How You Waste $1,700 Every Year “Traffic congestion isn’t just a frustrating part of commuter life; it’s expensive. A new report finds that every household with a car-commuting member loses $1,700 a year in time and gas burned thanks to bumper-to-bumper traffic.”

The cost of traffic jams

Economic & Environmental Impact […]

Commodification and Commoditization

“Commodification is more of a crime of the market against humanity, while commoditization is more of a market problem for the manufacturers of branded goods.”

Commodification and commoditization

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“My definition of a commodity? If it can be purchased online with a credit card, it is a commodity, […]

Top Pharma Companies

top 50 pharma

Top pharma companies list




The economic impacts of marijuana legalization

The economic impacts of marijuana legalization: The journal of global drug policy and practice,


Legalized marijuana: Colorado kids are paying the price


The Price of Cannabis: An analysis of how decriminalization and Federal enforcement affect the price of marijuana “In mid-2011, two separate events occurred that disrupted the market equilibrium in […]




public debt by percentage of gdp

public debt by percentage of gdp